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“The National Obesity Observatory has worked with Cavill Associates since 2007. They have always provided an outstanding service, with extremely high quality work delivered on time and in budget. I also have wider experience of working with Nick Cavill and his associates, including through WHO Europe and NICE, and am always impressed by the work Nick and his colleagues produce. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services.”

Prof Harry Rutter, Director, National Obesity Observatory 2007-2011 Director, Halsa Consulting Ltd

“I have worked with Cavill Associates, and in particular Nick Cavill, since 2005, in different roles and on a number of projects. For example, we co-edited a WHO booklet on “Physical activity and health: evidence for action”. This product has been rated "excellent" by the 2007 British Medical Association's book competition. Together with a companion booklet on urban environments, with 10 languages so far it has been the most often translated title of the Regional Office for Europe. I also co-led the development of the Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT) for walking and for cycling with Nick, which is on its way to becoming the standard tool for economic assessment of active transport across and beyond Europe. This project included technical, organizational as well as communication aspects which all were addressed to the highest standards. Thanks to his comprehensive background, Nick has significantly contributed to the success of those projects. He delivers high-quality outputs on time and is very enjoyable to work with. I can absolutely recommend their services.”

Sonja Kahlmeier, PhD, MSc ETH Environ. Sc. Deputy Head, Physical activity and Health Unit Institute of Social and Preventive Medicine, University of Zurich

“Cavill Associates were asked to help co-ordinate a complex international evaluation of a walk to school programme. They were chosen because of their extensive knowledge of the subject of physical activity and evaluation design. They managed to deliver the project despite considerable operational problems in the US. I have known Nick Cavill for 17 years and he remains one of the foremost international experts in the area of physical activity particularly in designing evaluations and data analysis. I thoroughly recommend Cavill Associates.”

Dr William Bird, MBE. GP and Director of Intelligent Health Ltd

“I was on the board of Cycling England from 2003 to 2010 and worked closely with Cavill Associates as the main contractor for health policy and delivery. They produced the definitive review on cycling and health that is still unrivalled today. In addition as director of the South East Public Health Observatory Cavill Associates supported our work on transport and physical activity. Cavill Associates has leading edge expertise in physical activity and health and has been a sources of wise advice and expert delivery during the many years I have worked with the group.”

Dr Alison Hill FFPH, FRCP (Lon). Managing Director: NHS Solutions for Public Health

“The Institute of Sport Science and Kinesiology of the Universty of Salzburg has worked with Nick Cavill since 2002. Every year Nick Cavill visits the University of Salzburg for two days of lectures in the postgraduate course Master of Science Health and Fitness. Topics are the applications of public health principles to the challenge of promoting physical activity. He has an extremely broad knowledge of the field, and his courses are always very well received by the students, who enjoy the combination of solid academic input with fun and enjoyable exercises. It’s always a pleasure and a mark of quality to have Nick Cavill’s lectures in the course and we are looking forward to the next time. I would recommend him wholeheartedly.”

Dr. Erik Hogenbirk, Deputy Head of the postgraduate course MSc. health and Fitness, University Salzburg - Austria

“Cavill Associates worked with Macmillan Cancer Support to support the development of our physical activity programme for people living with and beyond cancer. They are exceptional to work with, providing high quality trustable expertise, which will have a significant impact on improving the quality of cancer care and patient outcomes.”

Jo Foster, Physical Activity Manager, Macmillan Cancer Support

“We have worked with Cavill Associates in a variety of different capacities - appointed consultant, partner and client - and have always found relationships straightforward, outputs sound and effective, and outcomes constructive. The level of expertise that Cavill Associates bring to a project is very considerable across a broad range of themes, and their ability to shape activities ranging from the strategic to the very practical is second to none.”

Dr Andy Cope Director, Sustrans Research and Monitoring Unit

“I have worked with Nick on many projects over the last 6 years, in particular in relation to the evaluation of obesity related public health interventions. Nick's broad knowledge and experience in the field of public health consistently shines through in all areas of his work. His approach is calm, thorough and methodical and his work of the highest standard. I have very much enjoyed working with him and hope to continue to do so for some time!" ”

Kath Roberts, East Midlands Public Health Observatory

Client Feedback “They produced the definitive review on cycling and health that is still unrivalled today....”
Client Feedback “Very enjoyable to work with...I can absolutely recommend their services....”
Client Feedback “They are exceptional to work with, providing high quality trustable expertise...”
Client Feedback “I am always impressed by the work they produce...”
Client Feedback “one of the foremost international experts in the area...”
Client Feedback “I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending their services...”
Client Feedback “Your efforts have been most appreciated...I knew you would deliver...”
Client Feedback “...their ability to shape activities is second to none...”
Client Feedback “...their ability to shape activities is second to none...”
Client Feedback “...their ability to shape activities is second to none...”
Client Feedback “...their ability to shape activities is second to none...”