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Dr Nick Cavill

Nick is a director of Cavill Associates Ltd, a research associate of the University of Oxford BHF Health Promotion Research Group, and an honorary senior research fellow at the University of Salford.  He specialises in the development of policy and programmes on sustainable transport and the links to physical activity. 

He is currently a specialist advisor to Public Health England's Obesity team, and a member of the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence Programme Development Group on obesity. He was one of the core team for the WHO Health Economic Assessment Tool (HEAT) for walking and cycling; a member of the Dept of Health’s Physical Activity Editorial Group; and a member of the World Cancer Research Fund policy panel. He has worked at both Departments of Health and Transport, and was formerly at the Health Education Authority, where he was head of the physical activity programme from 1994 – 2000.  Nick recently completed his PhD at the University of Salford, focusing on national policy approaches to promoting physical activity, and was made a member of the Faculty of Public Health through distinction.    

Professor Harry Rutter

Harry is Director of Halsa Consulting Ltd, and the founder director of the National Obesity Observatory. He led the establishment of the Department of Health National Child Measurement Programme and was a core contributor to the WHO Health Economic Assessment Tool for Walking and Cycling. He has a long track record of work at local, regional, national and international levels on transport and health, especially the relationships between active travel, physical activity, public health, built environment, and sustainability. He uses techniques such as health impact assessment and health needs assessment to identify solutions to difficult public health challenges.

He is involved in a number of research projects, and teaches on both climate change and obesity at undergraduate and graduate levels at Oxford University where he is an honorary senior clinical lecturer. He is an adjunct professor in the Department of Public Health at University College Cork.

He was a member of the project management team for the Foresight obesity project, and of the Department of Health Expert Group on social marketing. He is now a member of the Department of Health Expert Advisory Group on obesity, and the NICE Programme Delivery Group on system approaches to tackling obesity at a local level. He chairs the scientific advisory board for the Irish Health Review Board Centre for Health and Diet Research, and sits on the International Advisory Board for the Canadian CAPTURE project on evaluation.

Dr Charlie Foster

Charlie is one of the UK’s leading academics in the field of physical activity research. He has extensive experience of lecturing, teaching and training principles and methods of evaluation, health behaviour change and health promotion.

He is based at the British Heart Foundation Health Promotion Research Group, at the University of Oxford, where he leads programmes of research on physical activity and obesity. He has published over ninety academic papers, reviews and reports; recent research publications include the BMJ, Cochrane Collaboration and Preventive Medicine. Charlie was a co-author the new UK CMO guidelines, published in 2011, Start Active, Stay Active: A report on physical activity from the four home countries.

He is the currently the Vice Chair of the WHO HEPA Europe Network (European network for the promotion of health-enhancing physical activity) and member of advisory boards to the Government and the WHO. He has an excellent reputation as an international conference speaker, lecturer and teacher and is a faculty member of the prestigious Physical Activity and Public Health course, run by Centre for Disease Control (Atlanta) & University of South Carolina. Charlie holds honorary academic posts at the Institutes of Human Sciences at the University of Oxford and University of Durham. He is also an Associate Researcher at the University of Newcastle, Australia and an Adjunct Professor at the Centre for Research and Action in Public Health, University of Canberra.

Debra Richardson

Debra is an independent consultant in health improvement and public health with over 18 years experience working both in the NHS and with the NHS at both a strategic and operational level.  Her specific areas of interest are health-enhancing physical activity and obesity across the life course.  

Recently Debra has worked on a number of contracts focusing on the research and evaluation of a range of national and local initiatives.  These include a rapid review of LAs and PCTs to ascertain how the National Obesity Observatory can best support public health in the new organisational system. 

Prior to this Debra worked for the Cross Government Obesity Unit, initially as Physical Activity Development Manager and then as Programme Manager. 

Debra has worked on numerous Cavill Associates projects including research for the Department of Health; Sport England; and regional government offices.

Mike Parker

Mike is a Director of HM Partnerships, one of our partner organisations. He has over 16 years experience working in public health, through employment with the local authority, primary care, the third sector and the private sector. Throughout this period Mike has been responsible for developing, delivering and evaluating public health interventions and partnerships, specialising in physical activity.

He has an honours Degree in Sport and Exercise Science, a strong project planning and management background and PRINCE 2 (Project Management) Practitioner Status.

Mike was Chair of the North West Health and Physical Activity Forum, and has worked on a range of physical activity programmes and interventions in England, Scotland and other European countries. He has recently worked with  the Department of Health as part of the National Implementation Team for the NHS Health Trainer Service, and leads on evaluation for the Euroheart II project, coordinated by the European Heart Health Initiative. His projects with Cavill Associates have included fieldwork with the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, policy reviews for Wigan and Liverpool councils, and various evaluations.

Mike has worked with a range of academics on evaluation and research projects and has written several published papers. 

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